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Package vscode-graphql-syntax

GraphQL Syntax Support

Adds full GraphQL syntax highlighting and language support such as bracket matching.

You'll want to install this if you do not use graphql-config, or want to use the highlighting with other extensions than vscode-graphql


Feel free to open a PR to fix, enhance any language support, or even add new languages 😍


Contributor Guide: Improving a Language

Whether fixing a bug or adding a new delimiter for your language, here are a few tips for you:

  1. TDD approach: add your bug case or new delimiter example to the relevant file in tests/__fixtures__
  2. run yarn test -u in the syntax extension workspace, and observe whether vscode-textmate tokenizes your example properly
  3. fix/update/add the relevant pattern, and repeat the above to see if the tokenization changes. you should see meta.embedded.block.graphql
  4. to test manually, run yarn vsce:package in the workspace and right click to install the bundled vsix extension, and open the fixture file

Contributor Guide: Adding a Language

  1. add a file to grammars following our other examples.
  2. be sure to add it to package.json contributions as well, in the grammars section. the text.html.markdown is for applying to markdown codeblocks
  3. use a scope ala source.{lang} from a vscode-provided syntax grammar, or a popular, official contributed grammar. To find the name of the scope for any token's highlighting, use Developer: Inspect Editor Tokens & Scopes from the vscode command palette.
  4. name it inline.graphql.{lang} for consistency
  5. add a test file tests/__fixture__ to document example usage, and a test spec to __tests__ to assert the snapshot, pointing to the source you created
  6. run yarn test -u in the workspace to add the snapshot
  7. use the snapshots to ensure your capture groups are working and serializing the graphql as expected
  8. in the test fixture, document all working cases and non working cases with Todo comments for common usage in your language. be sure to think of cases such as string interpolation and generics for typed languages.
  9. add it to the list above in the readme, with links to your test fixtures as usage documentation
  10. to manually test it in vscode itself, run yarn vsce:package in the syntax extension workspace and right click and install the bundled vsix file, then view the test fixture

Usage Note

We would love for the other graphql extension authors to freely use this syntax extension as well! Even if your extension is designed to replace vscode-graphql, or if it's designed for other other purposes. It uses an MIT license, but attribution is always a nice gesture to the original authors :)


MIT License

Copyright 2022 GraphQL Contributors


Type aliases


Token: { scopes: string[]; text: string }

Type declaration

  • scopes: string[]
  • text: string


Const query

query: any = graphql(`query { id }`,[var1, var2])

Const queryWithInlineComment

queryWithInlineComment: "#graphqlquery {user(id: "5", name: boolean) {something}}" = `#graphqlquery {user(id: "5", name: boolean) {something}}`

Const queryWithLeadingComment

queryWithLeadingComment: "query {user(id: "5", name: boolean) {something}}" = `query {user(id: "5", name: boolean) {something}}`



  • tokenizeFile(file: string, grammarScopeName: string): Promise<Token[]>

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